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Our fashion ebooks

For 20 years Delphine Paganotto, image consultant and professional trainer, has been creating image consulting courses in France and Italy. The French and Italian versions were taught in fashion schools in Paris and Milan.
Attention to detail, they have been written and produced with care. No book on image consulting will ever look like an encyclopedia.
Now the first chapters in English are ready!

analysis of seasons

Analysis of the seasons

Discover all face types and their suitable color ranges.

example fashion book

Analysis of the styles

Not yet available

example fashion consultin book

Analysis of morphologies

The main morphologies and their clothing corrections

analysis of seasons


Not yet available

Choose your version according to your objectives.
- To study image consulting, the pdf version is perfect for learning.

To teach the concepts of image consulting, Suitingdress offers you a very complete didactic support, all ready, and exceptionally carefully produced. Also, this version on Power Point allows you to modify the content, images and texts, and to add your own logo or signature. Which means that this version becomes customizable!


Economic and so smart

The PDF version in color. Printable version. The best way to learn the concepts of image consulting


Edit content and add your logo! 

The ready-made training becomes yours! The finest and greatest professional image consulting course

For professionals who want to teach image consulting without the hassle of creating a didactic support.Printable version.

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